Life has a way of reminding me that I am always under construction, a work in progress. I am constantly changing and growing, working on projects and giving birth to new creations. But this reality becomes overwhelming at times. I feel like, building the life I want is never-ending and getting there can be so tiresome. It’s as if, once I’ve finished building up one part of my life the way I envision it, I either find something wrong with my creation and embark on reconstructing it or life happens and some part of my creation gets broken and requires fixing.

This week I participated in another RAW artist showcase, in Baltimore, Maryland. I arrived at the venue early , excited to build an amazing display of my artwork and art products. Prior to the show I sent the show’s producer pictures of my last display and requests for the necessary things to recreate that display. The producer assured that everything I asked for was available and would be waiting for me on the day of the show.

Once at the venue while constructing my display I found out that I did not get anything I requested to create what I had envisioned. Disappointed and discouraged I felt like packing up and going home.

Finding out what I needed for the show wasn't there!

Finding out what I needed for the show wasn’t there!

Sensing my emotions my wife and love-of-my-life, sprang into action helping me reconsider the space I was allotted and she began creating a display out of the things we had at our disposal. Pulling tables together, hanging products on balcony railings and leaning my artwork up against the table. We did what we could, with what we had.

Table display and art work

Table display and leaning art work

But it did not end there, half an hour before show time, the show producer announced that the grid walls we were promised had finally arrived. We rolled up our sleeves, put out heads together and worked with other artists around us to get show ready. As a united community, we retrieved the grid walls, constructed them with zip ties, put up artwork, t-shirts and bags on the new construction and re-arranged furniture to get the grid walls to fit near our display tables. All done in under thirty minutes! As my wife would say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”


Clients came pouring into the venue and stopping by to check out what I had to offer. Conversations were struck, purchases were made, pictures were taken and things were moving pretty smoothly. Then, the sun began to set and darkness enshrouded us all! The show’s producer did not setup power chords for us to have electricity to run lights on our displays. I felt my shoulders tense up and my mind began racing … How do I solve this new problem?

My wife found the show producer, and told her about our newest problem. The show producer returned with a rubbermaid container full of extension cords, light bulbs, tape and power strips. She dropped the box and off she went! My love sprang back into action to lay power cords in and around several of the displays. She single handedly setup these cords for me and several other artists to have electricity to light up our displays. She truly is my sunshine! Once lit, back to connecting with visitors, selling products, and sharing my art with the world.

That evening, I learned that it’s okay to be under construction, life still goes on around the building and rebuilding. I am grateful to God for my wife who co-creates and builds with me, springing into action when situations seem discouraging and hopeless! She helped me build an awesome display that night, and she’s always helping me build an amazing life with her. Thanks love for being you and co-creating my visions into our reality.

We build amazing things together.

We build amazing things together.

Be creative, Be patient, Be You!

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