A Noel Creates is a brand whose aim is to help people build soulful connections through art and spirituality.

I envision a world filled with soulful connections that sustain the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of all people.

My education, training and experience in Spiritual Care and Contemplative Spirituality help’s me design and facilitate programs that deepen connections with self, others, and with that Essence that is greater than us all.

My goal as an artist is to create pieces of art that are charged with evocative representations of life in energetic colors and textures; my artwork is yet another expression of my brand and serves to further support soulful connectivity.

Everything I create and offer will embody curiosity, mindfulness, connection, and creativity. My clients are encouraged to learn more about life by being attentive to the present moment, improve their ability to create amazing things and develop soulful connections with self, others and the divine.

My hope is that the products and services I co-create will always support the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of others.

Peace & Light

Creative Services:

  • Art prints and products
  • Commissioned art
  • Art Licensing
  • Creative workshops and activities

Spirituality Services:

  • Contemplative Retreats
  • Spirituality Programs
  • Individual & Group Spiritual Direction
  • Meditation & Spiritual Practices Workshops
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